Could you sleep in a capsule?

There are hotels being built all over the world everyday. This is due to the high demand from business travelers and holiday makers.

When traveling on business I don't like to stay in hotels which attract a large number of families and holiday makers. So when on business I always book into corporate hotels.

Has Japan perfected this requirement for business travelers. Speaking to one hotel called 9 hours - they believe there is a very simple concept to staying in a hotel and here it is!

1 + 7 + 1 = 9

It is said that the time of staying in a hotel for a business traveler is approximately nine to ten hours. Neither more nor less that that. A hotel stay should preferably be simple, time when you can relax and be yourself. Nine hours is the concept of staying with seven hours sleep combined with an additional hour for sleeping and grooming.

Business trips, travels, or overtime work. What features are required for overnight stays in urban hotels?

Resetting your day, from one day to the next, needs three basic actions: take a shower, sleep, and get yourself dressed. We simply replace these actions with the time spent: one hour + seven hours + one hour. Based on this most straightforward concept of staying in a hotel, nine hours offers ideally simple urban stay unlike any other in the world.

There are roughly two patterns of a hotel stay. One is a long stay designed for enjoyment or leisure: “relaxing and taking your mind off stress”, and the other is a short stay: “visiting a place for a certain purpose such as a business trip”. nine hours will set up a new theory, finding satisfaction and contentment in “a short stay in an urban setting”.

The term “Capsule hotel” conjures up images of unease, confinement and discomfort. nine hours has well thought of suitable services on hand and each comfortable unit makes for a restful sleep. nine hours aims at defying the traditional vision of “Capsule Hotels” through the creation of realistic functions and the flow of people. We believe that eliminating preconceptions helps at building new qualities.

Simply designed, nine hours has neither inconsistency nor meaningless decoration. All the objects fit into one of three design categories: FLAT, FORM, and TEXTURE. Each category has its own appropriate value, simple and satisfying. No luxuries and yet contentment is created by a new form of (design) practicality.

To stay in one of these hotels based on Christmas Day for 1 person, 2 nights is 6800 yen per night (£49) inc taxes and breakfast! (please note this price is based on today's exchange rate and located at nine

hours Hotel Kyoto, Japan).

Have 9 hours perfected a better way to sleep for business travelers, we think this is worth a look and a try!

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