The Journey - 4 new coordinators

Elites 4 new junior coordinators had a great meeting with our company director Mark. They were fortunate enough to have a training sessions along with a Q&A session and then a wonderful lunch afterwards.

Mark started his early career in IT and then went on to join the Police Force and had a very successful career. He has since then built up several successful companies over the years which all still operate now.

Here are some of the questions given to Mark to give you an insight to Mark and most importantly Elite.

Q: What do you enjoy most about being a director of Elite Bookings?

A: I love the fast paced nature of the business, the team and the opportunity to give our clients what they want! Not what we think we need which is a mistake made in the industry.

Q: Where do you see Elite in 5 years time?

A: 3 words spring to mind; good, better and best! I see Elite being the Flag Ship company for the Industry.

Q: What makes Elite Bookings stand out from the crowd?

A: We have a very new and fresh approach and give just what the client needs! The second day of training will show you the secrets that Elite hold that make us who we are. Everything we do is free! No hidden costs, nothing – even our staff are free if they need it.

Q: Is it true the coordinators always win against the Directors in the pool competitions?

A: Unfortunately I have to admit this is true with a head hanging low. The Coordinators do beat the director and management team.

Want to join the best in the business -

More updates to follow on the new team soon!

Elite Bookings Management Team.

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