Save Save SAVE!!

When the team asked Anna... "What is something that you love to do in your job?" Her response was Save Save SAVE!! this is something we all love to do at Elite and that is to save YOU time and money.

What company do you know can save you time and money? We do, its US.

How do we save you time and money?

Because we are specialists, we have the contacts, local knowledge of many areas, we have the time to negotiate deals on your behalf and have discounted and contracted rates that we can access all year round. Of course! there are some dates when those rates may not be available. These are known as black out dates - these usually fall over big events i.e. Football events BUT as Anna says our job is to Save Save Save, so even though its a black out we will still negotiate those rates.

Anna and her accounts team will provide all in one billing or separate billing, consolidate payments, double check all billing, so you are not charged more than agreed, if you didn't agree to pay for something like breakfast, but the guest takes a breakfast.... YOU wont be charged - we are fair like that.

Our team really know and love to go the extra mile, so if you want to save some money and time to get through your ever growing list of jobs! Elite are the PEOPLE for you.

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