The Posing City!

This morning some of the team head Prague, to meet with clients and look at locations for a new production.

Prague the posing city!

Though hardly an obscure spot, much less an indistinct one, the Czech capital has been sportingly posing as other cities for decades, even before the fall of communism ushered in a further wave of Hollywood opportunism.

It certainly made for a lavish Vienna in Czech native Milos Forman’s 1984 Oscar-guzzler Amadeus, while Casino Royale called upon it to serve as Venice, London and even Miami. And the Mission: Impossible franchise has made repeat visits to Prague, occasionally allowing the city to play itself – though the last installment took the liberty of dressing up Prague castle as the Kremlin.

Elite support our clients in all aspects! Whether you need support with finding locations, booking locations, accommodation, travel, catering or security the list is endless! We provide what you need!

Because we offer a free services we can ensure the savings come, so you can have more of a budget for other aspects of the filming or that wrap party that everyone looks forward to!!

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