Flight attendant tips for dealing with unpleasant odours on an aeroplane.

After the safety demonstration had ended, my colleagues and I were completing our final cabin walk-through before sitting in our jump seats for takeoff when several flight attendant call buttons t...

Flight attendants explain how to rest on a plane - without disrupting neighbours. 

Envision this scenario: You’re sitting on a plane, settling in for an hours-long redeye. You’re ready to lean back and pass out. You try to recline your seat, but — it won’t budge. What g...

Nicolas Flamel was a real person, and many of Rowling’s fantastic beasts she borrowed from elsewhere – including from the ancient world. 

If the trailers are anything to go by, we already know where to find fantastic beasts: Eddie Redmayne has a suitcase full of them in...

November 23, 2016

There are hotels being built all over the world everyday. This is due to the high demand from business travelers and holiday makers. 

When traveling on business I don't like to stay in hotels which attract a large number of families and holiday makers. So when on busine...

November 18, 2016

Happy Friday, Love Elite. 

We you know we don't just leave it there. So, Happy Friday and please remember we are 24 hours and that is 365 days a year so we are there for you this weekend! 

Get in touch if you need any last minuet accommodation, travel or location scoutin...

The secret language of flight attendants.

'Arm doors, cross-check and all-call'? A former flight attendant helps decode cabin-crew jargon.

Have you ever eavesdropped on an airline cabin crew, and wondered the meanings of their jargon? What does “cross-check” mean? Or "a...

Elites training coordinator Rachel is on the ground in Florida at the moment working with one of our newest coordinators! We welcome Zack to to the Elite team and look forward to seeing him in the UK after his training to meet with the company directors and some site s...

Elite feel it is important for you to know Where We Are?

We are staff all over the world, strategically placed in various countries making it possible for us to arrive in any country to provide assistance when needed. 

We are a further 6 people in the United States to fi...

Today we put to rest the constant worry and confusion about the center armrest on a plane and who gets it!

Flight attendants put an end to one of flying’s most contentious debates.

A professionally dressed man floated to the back of the cabin during boarding. He approach...

November 14, 2016

When we say "Location, Location, Location, Location..." we say it with confidence because we know the importance behind a location but also in regards to budget! Especially if you are operating on an indie budget. 

The importance of scouting for filming locations

The loc...

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